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STREP Edge Mats

by Strep
Original price €196.00 - Original price €288.00
Original price
€196.00 - €288.00
Current price €196.00
Designed with maximum resilience and padded with several layers of soft, porous, breathable nylon, it is ideal for any job that puts your rope at risk. With a variety of different sizes, utilities and customizable options, the Edge-Mat will be your most dependable, heavy-duty option for rope safety.
  • Depending on the model, STREP Edge-Mats are either five or six layers thick
  • Colors change with each layer to serve as a wear indicator to the user.
  • Reflective components provide increased visibility
  • Attachment loops in each corner
  • 120 cm of 6 mm Sterling Rope accessory cords accompany all models
Width: 40 cm STD
Length: 61 cm
Tech Specs