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Lyon Reach Pole MK3

Original price €387.00 - Original price €387.00
Original price
€387.00 - €387.00
Current price €387.00

The Lyon REACH POLE is primarily intended to aid the remote connection of the Lyon PICK OFF RESCUE KIT to a fallen worker.

It is especially useful in situations where the casualty is suspended from a deployed fall arrest lanyard, providing the option for recovery without the rescuer having to descend to the casualty.

  • Supplied complete with a fitted connector mount and separate MGO type connector
  • Comes in its own transport bag, fitted with a single shoulder strap and separate haul loop
  • Can be attached to the Petzl JAG Rescue Kit for carrying and stowage
  • Maximum extended length 3.8m
  • Can be used for other purposes where extended reach is required such as connecting a flexible anchorage line to an elevated anchor point
Tech Specs