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WRS Rescue Raft

by WRS
Original price €4,964.00 - Original price €5,886.00
Original price
€4,964.00 - €5,886.00
Current price €4,964.00

Built to accommodate a crew of swiftwater rescue professionals, the Rescue Raft is designed for the agile and responsive performance required in unpredictable scenarios. From floodwaters filled with debris to backcountry environments, the Rescue Raft can tackle all.

  • Extra wide side tubes for added stability and capacity
  • 2 x Removable central thwarts
  • Available in self bailing or non bailing for flood evacuation
  • Rated for 5 passengers
  • Supplied with standard PVC storage bag
  • Inflation methods sold separately
  • For more information see WRS International 
Size: 3.6M
Tech Specs