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WRS Connector Split Paddle

by WRS
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€135.00 - €135.00
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The only paddle designed for rescue use with Sleds and Rafts, this innovative product offers user flexibility. 

Easy Use Kayak Paddle - The paddle with adjustable feather, ideal for new users or left and right handed paddlers. Tear Drop High Density Blades focus contact in shallow water.

Split down into 2 Canoe Style Paddles - The set makes 2 Canoe style , single bladed paddles with T-Grips for use on Sleds, Mega Sled and Rafts

Wading and Short Reach Pole - Unclip the Blades and connect the T -Grip and Wading Foot attachment.  The Aluminium with plastic sheath gives the shaft grip and protection in cold conditions.

Compatible Inflatables  - Suitable for Rafts, Mega Sled, X -Sled and Wading teams 

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