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Gear Aid Ni-Glo™ Glow marker

Original price €6.95 - Original price €10.95
Original price
€6.95 - €10.95
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Find things at night with Ni Glo, a glow in the dark keychain and marker for keys and all kinds of outdoor gear including backpacks, tents and SCUBA tanks. This rechargeable key fob is battery and tritium-free. It charges by sunlight or artificial light and glows brightly at first, then fades to a constant glow that can be seen all night. 

  • Easily attaches to gear with included keyring, clip, and joint.
  • Charges within 10 minutes by sunlight, indoor light, flashlight, or headlamp
  • Glowing light can be seen up to 25 ft. away
  • IPX8 waterproof, dust-proof, and weatherproof
  • Small and lightweight, this illuminated keychain is only 2 inches tall
  • For more information see Gear Aid
Colour: Panther Pink
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